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Silvermax Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 as a specialist in chemical resistance and air pollution control. Since the beginning, our company has actively concerned in importance of environment. We are providing complete solution for corrosion and air pollution problems both in factories and laboratories more than 10 years. By our knowledge and valuable experiences, we get customers' support and trust constantly because we aim to process all project on the highest standard which focuses on customers' demands and environment. Furthermore, Gencon receives ISO 9001 : 2008 certification from the external organization (URS) for quality assurance.

Services Our design services can help you transform your product concepts into attractive packaging designs with our high-performance printing technologies capable of suiting your specific requirements. We are strongly determined to unceasingly develop our design standards to offer innovative packaging styles to best express the individual characteristics and identities of our customers. Other Services We cater to our customers with additional services ranging from procurement of quality materials to delivery of packages to ensure your business operations go on without interruption. Other services are also available to fulfill your business demands, facilitate your operations and minimize difficulties encountered in your processes. Introduction - Suitable material structure for each kind of packaging - Factors affecting product shelf life - Type of packaging suitable for each product